Following the First and Second International Symposia on Advanced Fluid/Solid Science and Technology in Experimental Mechanics successfully organized by the Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics and held in Sapporo and Osaka, respectively, National Cheng Kung University is very proud of organizing the third symposium-ISEM2008.ISEM2008 will be held in Tainan,Taiwan,ROC,on December 7-10, 2008. This symposium is aimed to promote an exchange of recent and advanced information among scientists and engineers in the fields of Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics´╝îThermal Engineering,Medical Engineering, Biomechanics, Construction and Civil Engineering, with emphasis on experimental aspects. This symposium is also aimed particularly at promoting communication and collaboration between fundamental researchers and those engaged in the development of practical technology in respective areas of Experimental Mechanics.
National Science Council, Taiwan, ROC
Ministry of Education, Taiwan, ROC
Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Taiwan, ROC
 Aeronautical and Astronautical Society of the Republic of China
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