1. Fluid Engineering
2. Multiphase Flow
3. Heat and Mass Transfer
4. Fluid Instrumentation
5. Flow Visualization and Image Processing
6. Transport Phenomena on Material Processing
7. Materials Testing and Evaluation
8. Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection
9. Optical Methods and Image Processing Techniques in Solid Mechanics
10. Thermal Methods, X-ray Techniques
11. Others

  1. Fluid Machinery
2. Fluid Flow in Micro and Nano-Scales
3. Industrial Applications (Automotive, Railway, Electronics, Energy Plants, etc.)
4. Transducer and Sensor Design
5. Smart Materials and Structural Health Monitoring
6. MEMS and Nanotechnology
7. Electronic Package
8. Biomechanics and Clinical Engineering
9. Biological Systems and Materials, and so on
10. Iron and Steel Manufacturing
11. Hostile Environment Applications
12. Others
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